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StyleAndShop is the first and only Italian Network of professional Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants.

We offer tailor-made shopping and image services to Italian and international customers.
We are Personal Shoppers and assist you in your shopping, be it advising you on where to buy a particular item or giving suggestions and advice on a purchase.

We can also go shopping on your behalf. StyleAndShop is more than just shopping guides: we are experts in fashion and personal image and style.
Our long and varied international working  and life experience, our enthusiasm and knowledge for what we do and our acquired skills allow us to offer an individual and professional service, based on the shopping needs and preferences of every single customer, be they individual or corporate.


We are Style and Wardrobe Coaches. We are professionals who can help you improve or define your professional or personal image.

Fashion and style are two different things: being fashionable means following what’s trendy and what’s dictated by someone else; being stylish means having that personal touch no one else has.

Thanks to a great tool, Fashion Feng Shui®, we help you  learn to dress with intention.

Business seminar

Style seminars, Image and Style Training, Personal and Professional Image workshops, Etiquette and Cultural Awareness Training.

At StyleAndShop we are Image Trainers and we carry our expertise and enthusiasm with us wherever we go.

International training and  in-person and virtual coaching/consulting options are available upon request.

We can come to your city, to your company or your home for VIP days and programs.


We can also assist and support you in planning and coordinating your Wedding in Venice and your events.


For more information, contact us at info@styleandshop.com